VIP Information / How to Donate

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    VIP Information / How to Donate

    If you are playing CoD4 and want to special VIP features check out the text below.
    If not, please contact @Herr Schafhran for more information.
    Our PayPal E-Mail:


    How to donate?

    Step 1:
    - Go to
    - If you donated, write a message to @Herr Schafhran

    How to get VIP?
    - Go to
    - Login with your forum data (e-mail+password)
    - Select "VIP Shop/Donate" in the navigation
    - Select a Item

    What are the VIP features?
    You can see the VIP features on the item page or

    Why a "Shop"?
    1.) It is much easier for us to track the donations on this way.
    2.) You can decide when you want to have your VIP.
    3.) "direct delivery" by our API.

    How to activate VIP?
    VIP Stage 1: type !viptoken <TOKEN> Ingame. 1 token = 1 week
    VIP Stage 2: it gets activated automaticly
    VIP Stats Reset: type !vipreset <TOKEN> Ingame
    VIP XP Token: type !vipxp <TOKEN> Ingame

    The donations are used to pay our servers.

    VIP Stage 2 doesnt include VIP Stage 1!

    Need Help?
    Contact @Herr Schafhran or @shelly here in the forum ;)
    best regards,