New VIP System / Donation System

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      New VIP System / Donation System

      Today we launched our new VIP "Shop" System.

      What is new?
      • You can spent your credit to any package at any time you want
      • More packages
      • New Donation procress (more below)
      • Automatic System - If you bought a package - For example the VIP Stage I, then it creates the Token automaticly.
      • You can see your free(not used) tokens

      New Donation process / How to donate now?
      1. Login with your Forum account data at
      2. Select "VIP Shop" in the Navigation
      3. On the right side there is a PayPal and a PaySafeCard Image. Click that images.
      4. Now you can choose between PayPal and PaySafeCard by clicking on that image.
      5. Follow the steps :)

      We will update our FAQ page this evening, because it is outdated :P
      best regards,