VIP Stage II

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      VIP Stage II

      Next days, we'll release the VIP Stage II.

      What is so special?

      Cloud Storage:

      We are storing your Rank,Prestige and the total XP (which are normally stored in your players folder) in our database. It sets the Rank,Prestige and total XP automaticly when you are connected to the server.
      This means, you can have your Ranks and so on on multiple pc's and if your cod4 crashs, you will still have your Rank stuff.

      Detailed Statistics:
      You can your Rank,Prestige,Total XP and needed XP for the next Rank on your Playeprofile at the Statistics page.

      Permanent status:
      You have to pay once for it and then keep it till our servers are online.

      Other small stuff...
      best regards,