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    You are at least 16 years old? Yes I am 16 i turned 16 june 12
    You have an original key? Yes Bought the game on steam.
    You played much on our servers? Yes I play everyday on the servers for more than 6 hours mostly unti all leaves
    You are not banned by Anti Cheat Organisations? no i dont cheat

    Real Name: emilio ramdass
    Ingame Name: [Ninja]STARBOY/ [TGL]STARBOY
    Date of birth: june 12 2000
    native country: trinidad

    Have you been an admin before? Yes
    If yes, where?: kill the king
    Working Headset: Yes
    Which Cod4 Mods are you playing (HC,SC,Promod,Deathrun,CoDJumper,Sniper only): Sniper,deathrun but mostly sniper i barely pay deathrun, and ktk
    Why should we accept YOU as an Admin on our Servers?: I play everyday on the servers and I notice that there is suspicious activity coming from some players, such as headshots and quick kills one by one from different points of the map, I want to change and fix the community that plays the beautiful custom servers.And plus i think it will be a great way to open up new opportunitys to the server cause im a rea thrust worthy player
    Hi thanks for ur app!

    But now...

    -I can't judge if u are on the server or not since im not online that often on the servers..
    -Could be just me but i never saw u in Teamspeak?
    -I see this is ur first post on the Forum.. (Isn't that a bit quick??)
    -Try to introduce urself first Let us know u and u will get to know us!
    -For me its an instant no just bec of the forum activity....

    [Ninja]STARBOY wrote:

    i been on server almost 1 year now bro i been playing longgggg time

    might be true mate but still dont forget that:
    you come here to our website applying for admin - fair enough - but some of the admins probably dont even know you. so how should they trust you and decide whether you are a dedicated member for our community or just a random player who is just here to ban some players...
    try to put some effort in your admin application and meet the requirments, such as:
    • forum/ts activity (talk to members, get to know most of the members, interact with others)
    • cheater reports (!)
    • ...

    anyways thanks for your interest in our community, we really appreciate that. i wont close the admin app now...just to give other admins the possiblity to comment and possibly give you some helpful hints. Feel free to edit your post if youre confident enough and youre sure that u'd meet the requirments. just leave us a reminder as soon as u edited so that admins can decide again! :)

    greetz Ossacz :b
    Best regards, [SFS]Ossacz
    Miss the old times :)
    contact me: Steam :

    [Ninja]STARBOY wrote:

    Real Name: emilio ramdass

    Am I the only one who first read 'ram dat ass'? Lol...

    Sorry, but -1 from me for Admin (see reasons above).
    -1 for Trusted too from me (see reasons above).

    Edit: No offense though with your surname... If you only knew mine hahaha. Rip xD

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    Framey! wrote:

    Not sure if I am allowed to vote but yolo.

    Everyone member of SFS is allowed to give their opinion (so also in -1 or +1), but only management team votes (Head Admin + Management) are decisive because they give the final answer :)

    -1 though, you applied after only 2 days on our forum so we cannot really get to know you yet.
    -1 right now, because requirements not met (no cheater reports, no forum activity,...).

    try to improve on the things mentioned above and get to know us better.


    @[Ninja]STARBOY you can apply again anytime when you meet the requirements. :)
    Best regards
    [SFS] Head Admin

    "A day without banning moroccan is a day lost." (c) shaff

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