SD Nuketown Reload bug

    Can be opened with VLC Media Player... It's not really a 'demo' file but a screenrecording...
    (167.5 MB you serious?)

    Anyway... it looks like some bug I also had on the Minecraft FFA Sniper server a while back
    I don't know why I don't have it any more though... It just vanished and I never got it again :D
    How I temporarily solved it back then: keep reconnecting and restarting cod4 until it vanished.
    It did happen quite a lot for a certain period, but not anymore :D

    Buuut, when I spectated you (because I was dead and in your team), it didn't look so freaky like in your recording.
    I was able to look through your scope... but you apparently weren't... the irony
    From my POV, you just looked like a complete nub, who couldn't handle a scope :thumbsup: