the time has come

We are shutting down our servers in the next days. In the last years we couldn't populate our servers with enought players.

Here is a short throwback:


March: First 2 gameservers rented by a provider

September: Rented a dedicated server to provide more gameservers. These servers were quickly popular and almost 24/7 full. Our Deathrun server was always in the top 3 at gametracker with the highest player peak ~40.

With the growth of our Deathrun Server VC'Blade contacted us and helped us modding our server.


January: Started modifying our adminmod (ManuAdminMod) and developing a Statistics page with an administration backend.

Mai: We had to switch our dedicated server. Due the IP change we lost many players, but our deathrun became quite popular again.

December: Due permanent DDoS Attacks we had to switch our dedicated server again. We choosed ovh as provider. The attacks didnt stopped, but their firewall blocked them all :D


Alot of new players joined, our servers got modded, new team members, new features, …

Especially we want to thank all our donators for supporting us paying server fees. *huge hug*

Sadly we can't list every admin/mates here, but we want to say thanks to a few..

Sorry, if we forgot somone..

Make sure to join the discord:

Will try to fix the forum in the next weeks.

If you are interested in creating a server with out mods, etc. contact me in discord or steam. I will help you then.

Thanks everyone! It was a great time.

SFS Management + shelly