VIP Stage I
Sniper Servers: Fast Reload

UAV Jammer

Longer Sprint

Auto Ammo Restore



Different score popup core (+5...)

VIP Weapon: Kar98k

More Challenges

You can open the Menu with by pressing B-4

SD Nuketown: DoubleXP

Fast Reload (!vipreload)

UAV Jammer for 15 seconds. Only 1/map available (!vipjammer)

Laser (!viplaser)

VIP Weapon (!vipweapon reset,!vipweapon kn44,!vipweapon hk416)

General: Protection against Vote Kicks

Price: 5€ / Month

VIP Stage II
SD Nuketown, Sniper Servers: Cloud Storage (Your Rank,XP and Prestige are getting stored in our database, so you won't loose your stuff, when you're profile crashed. You can also view detailed statistics on your statistics profile)


VIP Weapon (!vipweapon reset,!vipweapon msr,!vipweapon kar)

5 additional Prestige Levels

Permanent (Keep it forever)

Price: 35€ / once (Lifetime)